Don't give up
even trying

How we work

Strong and Fast Execution

In everything,
it's important to try fast.
Concentrate on executing and producing results.

Courage to challenge high goals

No matter how high the goal,
we never gives up.
We are not afraid of failure and we value failure.

An ever-growing company

It is constantly evolving in the rapidly changing e-commerce environment.

Value of Partnership

Partners are the most important asset of the company,
and the growth of partners is the growth of JDTC.
We will also strive for mutual growth.


JDTC'S Management system

We aim for the success of our partners as the ultimate goal, and we are striving for sustainable success with our customers based on our many years of data on the global market.


Based on broad experience in E-commerce

We present the optimal solution for entering the global market.
We want to increase the brand value through localization for the market so that the brand value can be delivered to consumers.


CEO Greetings

CEO Lee Jong-ho

Since the 2020 pandemic, our lives and everything related to it are changing rapidly. Due to the pandemic, the e-commerce market is experiencing tremendous growth, new ideas emerge every day, and the boundaries of marketing communications are blurring. In these times, all experiences come together to create surprising and innovative things that are unpredictable. JDTC provides the optimal e-commerce solution that is essential for partners and consumers by connecting all necessary resources such as advertising, retail, digital, and data. JDTC pursues continuous growth through change and innovation based on unremitting efforts. We will create new value with our partners and create new business to keep pace with the rapidly changing e-commerce market.


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