Overseas market brand consulting

We establish the optimal strategy for the market based on data through local personnel with a high level of understanding of the market culture and brand.

Official mall agency sales & operations

JDTC helps local e-commerce operations through years of experience in operating brand malls without hiring additional personnel in the local market.

Brand Marketing

We support all global marketing necessary for branding, such as SNS, performance, and viral marketing to increase brand awareness,
with our own professional marketing personnel.

Local offline market launch

Local offline market launch process


Check local market reaction online

Identify local market response and establish brand strategy through online e-commerce sales with minimal cost


Establishment and execution of store strategy suitable for
brand image

Strengthen brand awareness through establishment of store entry strategy tailored to brand needs and offline sales (quick entry through JDTCs own stores)


Expansion of local offline market

Final establishment of brand positioning in the local market through on/offline sales and marketing

stores that are able to enter


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